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Jeet Kune Do Full Contact Academy is an international academy founded by Master Miguel Abreu dedicated to study, training and formation in JKD full contact

Master Director Miguel Abreu
JKD Full Contact Academy 
World Headquarters, Figueira da Foz – Portugal


Jeet Kune Do is also known as Jeet Kun do or JKD and reveals a hybrid philosophy of martial arts that was developed by the master and actor Bruce Lee. JKD was created in the 60s and adds in itself several styles and martial techniques, although it does not have a specific style.
The term Jeet kune is a Chinese word meaning " Way of the Intercepting the fist " and is associated with how all fighters should be prepared and prepared for real combat situations.
The JKD Full Contact Program has as main objective the training of the combat work developed by Bruce Lee in the distances of "Striking" and "Grappling".
Full Contact Combat began to be developed by Bruce Lee in the late 1960s and the arts that influenced this type of work were of various structures and backgrounds; Western Boxing, Thai Boxing (Muay Thai), French Savate, Philippine Sikaran, Chinese Kung Fu, Jiu-jitsu, Wrestling, among other styles.
  JKD FULL CONTACT is not limited to a set of movements, but to the "freedom of expression" that a fighter has and manifests in combat.


Bruce Lee, born Lee Jun-fan, in Chinese 李振藩 was an artist and master of martial arts, philosopher, actor and filmmaker, founder of Jeet Kune Do. It is widely considered by many commentators, critics and other martial artists as one of the most influential martial artists of ever.
1940 to 1973

Ruy de Mendonça master of martial arts, philosopher, traveler, without doubt one of the greatest martial arts masters in Portugal. Founder of Kung-Do-Te and Ruy-San-Ryu. His teachings, philosophy and personality have marked hundreds, thousands, maybe millions of martial artists. A great pioneer master of martial arts in Portugal who has inspired and trained many of today's masters.
The Master lived the last years of his life in Spain. Ruy de Mendonça, is immortal, derived from all the work and legacy which transmitted us... 1942 to 2005.

Miguel Abreu - Master of martial arts, studious and researcher of martial arts and oriental philosophies.
Grand Master, founder of MSD RYU BUDO. 10th DAN in many martial arts.
Disciple of GM Ruy Mendonça.
Master Founder of JKD  Full Contact Academy. 


Rank System:

JKD Full Contact Academy practitioners can be graded for their experience and training time in the following categories:

* At JKD Full Contact Academy only the Master Director can assign graduations above Monitor. 

Official Uniform

1 - Black T-shirt with the logo on the front.

The T-shirt may have mentioned the category of the practitioner. 

a) In the backside, can have the logo and below mention the Dojo or club that the practitioner represents.

2- Black pants or black pants with rich sides.

3- Belt with the corresponding graduation 

Master Director Miguel Abreu
JKD Full Contact Academy 
World Headquarters, Fig. Foz  – Portugal
Info: soke.msdryu@gmail.com

Authorized Delegations:

JKD Full Contact Academy Moita
Director: Instructor Paulo Cegonho 

JKD Full Contact Academy Casablanca
Director: Senior Instructor Mouhane Boulouk

JKD Full Contact Academy Kolkata
Director: Senior Instructor Biswajit Mondal

JKD Full Contact Academy Ontario
Director: Senior Instructor Abbas Abdul Hussein

JKD Full Contact Academy Georgetown 
Director: Senior Instructor Christopher Norville

JKD Full Contact Academy Ismailia
Director: Senior Instructor Ihab Eyada 

JKD Full Contact Academy Palermo
Director: Senior Instructor Giuseppe Di Pace 

JKD Full Contact Academy Siverek
Director: Senior Instructor Hasan Akpirinç

JKD Full Contact Academy Baghdad
Director: Senior Instructor Maher Asad